It all started when… a seasoned group fitness instructor, Kathy Corbey, wanted to mix up her workout routine after becoming a Mommy. A fitness enthusiast, she decided to incorporate her athletic lifestyle with new motherhood by creating Mommy Bootcamp.

After gaining and then losing seventy pounds during her first pregnancy, Kathy realized her strength in the fitness industry was in helping moms get back in shape.

“So many moms gain too much weight during their pregnancy and then figure that they will never lose it,” she empathizes. “I want to let them know that lots of women get in the best shape of their life after having a baby!”

Her concept of welcoming children of all ages and encouraging them to feel comfortable with their little one right next to them, not in a stuffy daycare room.

What makes Mommy Bootcamp unique? The sense of community and encouragement from mothers who feel they have an environment to connect with one another on all aspects of life, including parenting, career building, socializing and fitness. So many members form life-long bonds with their children and families growing together. In addition to Mommy Bootcamp classes, many run local races together, gather for monthly moms’ nights out, communicating via Facebook and Meetup help facilitate communication and support.

“Exercise was the only thing that made me feel better physically and mentally when I was a new mom,” explains Kathy. “It boosted my self-esteem, and I want to encourage moms to do something that makes them feel good about themselves.”

In the early days of Mommy Bootcamp, Kathy was married and running the business in her spare time while parenting her small children. Now a single mother with elementary age kids, she operates her career full-time while they are in classes so she can be there for them when they return home. “When I started Mommy Bootcamp, my daughter was five months old. She is now ten years old and I still love teaching the classes and training the moms,” exclaims Kathy.

Mommy Bootcamp’s philosophy is: Mommy STRONG, All Day Long. • 571.214.MOMS (6667)