Trying anything new can be a little intimidating, so at Mommy Bootcamp we want to make it easy for you. Our punch passes may be used at all our locations (Monthly Unlimited & All Access Passes may only be used at the Studio) and do not expire!

Do I need to register before trying a class?
You can just show up whenever it works for you. No pre-registration is required.

I haven’t worked out in years – will I be able to keep up?
We welcome ALL fitness levels and our instructors show various levels of intensity for each exercise. If you need modifications we are always here to help. Instructors will encourage you to work hard but want you to work at your own level, Mommy Bootcamp thrives on creating a positive atmosphere for all our moms!

What ages are the kids at Mommy Bootcamp?
We have babies from 6 weeks old and up. We are “family friendly” and welcome children of all ages! We also have moms with older kids at school who attend without a stroller.

Do I need a “special” stroller?
You do not need a “jogging” stroller since our classes are inside on a smooth surface. We recommend using whatever stroller your child is the most comfortable sitting in. We do not recommend using an umbrella stroller since they are not as stable.

My child is 3 years old and will not sit in a stroller. Can we still attend?
Yes, we have lots of “big kids” at class. We have a kids area for the big kids that is near us and safe for them. Don’t be surprised to see your toddler trying to imitate our exercises and doing jumping jacks, frog jumps, etc. We set a great example for our kids, to see us working out and staying healthy.

What if my baby gets fussy?
What baby doesn’t get fussy?!! Our class is full of moms who have been there and we all understand. If your baby gets fussy, you can take him/her out of the stroller and hold them during class. You will often see moms doing “baby squats” holding their infants or stopping to feed/change them during class. It’s all okay at Mommy Bootcamp!

What should I bring with me to class?
We supply all of the exercise equipment, but make sure to bring water and a mat/towel for core work.

We hope to see you at class soon!

Mommy Bootcamp is a positive atmosphere where you can
Be MommySTRONG, All Day Long!