“I credit Mommy Bootcamp for helping Paige to be more outgoing. We both love going to Mommy Bootcamp. A total lifesaver after Paige’s birth. What a great group of moms!” — Val

“I love the flexibility I have with Mommy Bootcamp. On days my 3-year old is in preschool, I go to Mommy Bootcamp alone. On the other days, she joins me – during the cool down, she plays with her pals and pretends to ”exercise.” In addition to a challenging workout, I’m setting a great example for my daughter and showing her how important exercise is.” — Angela

“Ava and I have been going to Mommy Bootcamp since August. We both absolutely love it! We have such a great time and have met so many wonderful friends!” — Jenn

“Since joining Mommy Bootcamp, five and a half months ago, I have lost 40 lbs! Eating right and exercising through Mommy Bootcamp has provided remarkable results. I have transformed my body from a size 16 to a size 10. I get a full body workout, so I don’t have to think about all the muscles I need to work. I am a 41-year old mother of two children (Jonathan 2 and Sophia 5). Thanks to Mommy Bootcamp, I have managed to surpass my pre-pregnancy weight and become a healthier mother and wife.” — Regina