We are Mommies just like you with a passion for fitness and our families. With over 25 years of experience in fitness instruction, we are proud to bring the best of the industry to you. Each Mommy Bootcamp workout is led by 2 certified instructors. Our experience and flexibility allow us to accommodate all levels of fitness from new recruits to seasoned veterans.

Trainer: Shannon DelBorrello
ACE Certified Group Exercise Instructor
ACE Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant
AAAI-ISMA Personal Fitness Trainer
Mommy Bootcamp Certified Trainer
TurboKick Certified Instructor
Motherwell Professional Land Instructor
Education: M.S. Health Promotion Management
Specialties: Pre/postnatal fitness, Nutrition, weight loss and weight management, Modifying exercises for all fitness levels
My little recruits: Mom to Jonathan, 6 yrs and Christopher, 2 yr
• • • • •
Trainer: Dana Drever
AAFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor
Adult and Infant CPR and First Aid Certified
Mommy Bootcamp Certified Trainer
Education: B.S. in Kinesiology
Specialties: bootcamp classes, early extreme, motivating moms to work hard to achieve their goals
My little recruits: Mom to Jacob, 5 yrs and Abigail, 4 yrs
• • • • •
Trainer: Jackie Katounas
CHES Certified Health Education Specialist
Adult and Infant CPR and First AidCertified
Mommy Bootcamp Certified Trainer
Education: B.S. in Exercise and Health Promotion
Specialties: bootcamp classes, positively motivating moms to be all they want to be and more
My little recruits: Mom to Kayla, 6 yrs and Tyler, 1 year
• • • • •
Trainer: Jen Pantall
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist
Certified PHI Pilates Instructor
Mommy Bootcamp Certified Trainer
Specialties: Pre/postnatal fitness, personal training, PUSHING YOU TO BE YOUR BEST, Early Extreme
My little recruits: Mom to Aaron, 5 yrs and Maya, 3 yrs
• • • • •
Trainer: Michelle Porter
Certified in Adult and Infant CPR
Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist
Mommy Bootcamp Certified Trainer
Education: M.S. In Physical Therapy
Specialties: Post-Rehab, Kickboxing, Personal Training
My Little Recruits: Mom to Ben, 8 yrs and Josh, 6 yrs and Adam, 2 yr
• • • • •

We welcome kids of all ages!

Visit our FAQ page or contact us: 571.214.MOMS or info@mommybootcamp.org